The Importance of Sustainable Giving

Stabilization of Church Finances

By establishing recurring donations, the church can more accurately budget our fixed expenses, as well as make future projections for capital improvements. We are no longer dependent on members being in-town, and in-service on Sundays to write checks.

Moves Us to a Broader Audience

Friends and supporters who follow us on social media or who stream from anywhere in the country or the world can establish recurring giving accounts through our secure system. This allows us to move to a broader audience, and collect regularly scheduled donations beyond our physical walls.

Establishes the Spiritual Practice of Tithing

By allowing our donors to adjust the amount, day of the week, the frequency and duration of their contributions - we are providing the tools necessary to establish the habit and Spiritual practice of tithing. We are tithing church, and the Sustainable Giving program is key to becoming a regular tither.

Hillside Sustainable Giving Program Levels